Your Health Journey Starts Here

What if I told you your body has the potential to heal itself? What if I told you that you can do it naturally? The body’s natural instinct is to be healthy and full of energy! Let us help you understand what is keeping your body from healing itself and how to regain your health.

Dr. Justin Bartlett’s Unique Approach

His focus is on the individual patient. Each patient is unique so why go somewhere that treats everyone the same on each visit? By approaching each patient differently, he utilizes diagnostic techniques, primarily Applied Kinesiology and Wholistic Methylation, to evaluate the supplements and treatment protocol that is unique to each person. Your health goals help carve the treatment plan and we work together as a team to achieve them.

Proper nutrition and supplements are big parts of reaching your health goals. Chiropractic adjustments hold better and longer when our patients are taking proper supplements for their vitamin deficiencies, eating a well-rounded healthy diet, incorporating exercise into their daily lives, and daily “me time” (meditation or prayer); these are a part of what we call the Triad of Health: Structure, Nutrition, and Mental/Spiritual well being. Each part will help you to achieve your health goals.